Scotia Heritage Productions

Scotia Heritage Productions

It's your time to tell your story
with a Video Will.

Leave a visual legacy of your special place in history to echo in the hearts of family and friends forever.

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At Scotia Heritage Productions, you'll deal with one company at one price for your one of a kind legacy. Take full advantage of our experience, quality & creativity.

Scotia Heritage Productions: Take care of your Estate

Take care of your Estate for your loved ones.

Explain your last will & testament in your own words
Tell your unique story, the places & the adventures
Describe your place in history for future generations
Relish the history of those special items & heirlooms
State your viewpoint on personal relationships
Articulate the reasons for your final decisions

Don't let your Ship sail without us.

Contact us at (902) 614-0002 or email

Disclaimer: Video Wills by themselves are not legally binding. They are intended as a helpful addition to a
proper Legal Written Will. We recommend you contact your lawyer.

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